what do we need?

When we go outdoors

About us

Yossi Shoshani, with many years of experience in the fields of entrepreneurship and quality control, founded Turquoise Camping. He has worked as a quality auditor and is responsible for having audited companies such as T.F.L, Orckit Communications and Comverse and has acquired skills in performing production testing and coordinating working teams.
His many years of experience in managing employees and employee teams have resulted in great success in projects for which he was responsible.
Yossi's innovative work methods have led to more efficient work processes which have saved costs and working hours.​


Water are extremely important in our every day life and espcially when traveling out in sunny and dry weather.
Drinking water on a sunny trip can prevent Hyperthermia.

  • Going outdoor to a picnic or to the beach, requires
    “some preparations” and involves carrying portable equipment such as tables chairs and BBQ.
  • We try to minimize the amount of equipment we carry to allow ease and comfort.
  • We expect all equipment to be flat pack and easy to carry.
  • More so, we try to have multi-purpose equipment in our hand to allow efficiency (in carrying and using).


Ever had the annoyance of not having anywhere to put your stuff without risking it to get dirty or lost.


Protection from UV rays from the sun should be an importance of any fellow travller. Avoiding Cancer and other skin conditions